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Someone I Trusted IV:  The Apocryphal File *NC17* 1/1    
Deslea R. Judd    
Copyright 1998    
This work is based on The X Files, a creation of Chris Carter     
owned by him, Twentieth Century Fox, and Ten-Thirteen     
Productions. Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, Kim Cooke, and Sharon    
Skinner remain the intellectual property of those parties and are    
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Susannah Skinner is my creation and may not be used elsewhere    
without my consent.    
Spoilers: One Breath, Blessing Way, Paper Clip, Piper Maru,    
Apocrypha, Avatar.    
Category:  Story,  Romance (Skinner/Scully).     
Rating:  NC17 for sex.    
Summary:  Sequel to Someone I Trusted I, II & III, in which  
Scully decides to try for a baby, after all    
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gun on Skinner...and surprises him    
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Skinner discuss their coupling and try again   
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resume their affair and discuss children   
Someone I Trusted IV:  The Apocryphal File *NC17* 1/1    
Deslea R. Judd    
Copyright 1998   
	//"AD Skinner's been shot."//   
	The words haunted her.   
	It had been an hour and forty minutes since Kim  
Cooke's voice had uttered those chilling words down the 
telephone - not that Scully was counting, of course.  She had 
bolted out the door and driven at roughly the speed of sound to 
the hospital.   
	Just as she'd barged through the main entrance, flashing  
her badge at anyone who stood in her path, her cell phone rang.  
"Scully," she'd barked, pushing back  the half-closed doors of the 
elevator and jabbing the requisite button hard enough to make 
her wince.   
	"It's Kim Cooke again, Agent Scully.  I'm helping the  
Director out - he wants to keep a close eye on this one.  I gave 
him your name, so when you get there, you're in command of the 
investigation and of AD Skinner's personal security.  I thought 
you'd want that."   
	Scully gave a grateful sigh.  "I've just arrived.  Thank  
you, Kimberley, I appreciate that.  More than you know."   
	There was a pause in which Scully was sure Kimberley  
gave a knowing grin.  "I think I have some idea, Dana.  Do you 
want me to call Susannah for you?"   
	Scully thought a moment.  "No, Kim.  That's something  
that should come from her mother, not either of us.  Would you 
mind calling Sharon for me?"  The elevator doors opened.   
	Back at the Bureau, Kim passed a weary hand over her  
forehead for at least the fifteenth time since the news had broken.  
"Of course not.  Give the AD my best when he wakes, will you?"   
	Scully said gently, "Of course I will, Kim.  Thanks."   
	She rang off.   
	Since then, Scully had been in bulldozer mode,  
throwing her weight around in an effort to get Skinner protected 
in the face of that patented civil servant lethargy she so hated.  A 
fleeting moment of tenderness before he went into surgery had 
been her only respite.     
	Now, she stood beside his head, ignoring the baleful  
glances of Agents Fuller and Caleca, who, like her, were in the 
theatre in scrubs, grudgingly obeying her command to guard him 
at all times.  Agent Fuller looked a little ill.  Didn't the stupid 
man realise guarding  him didn't require him to watch the 
procedure?  Caleca had the right idea, staring fixedly at some 
point over their heads.  It was tempting to tell them to leave so 
she could touch him, but if she did that, she feared she would 
fall apart.  As the commanding officer of the investigation, she 
could not allow that.  So she stared at Fuller, almost daring him 
to bolt out the door and throw up.   
	She frowned to herself, realising for the first time she  
was here not as a doctor, but as a lover.  The whole time she had 
looked searchingly at his face.  They  could be cutting off his leg 
for all she knew of what they'd done thus far.  Her brow creased 
at the sight of him, naked, without his glasses, without the rigid 
lines his face held when he was awake.  She allowed herself a 
single fleeting touch of his face, then forced herself to watch as 
they sutured the incision.   
	The surgeon acknowledged her for the first time since 
she'd flashed her badge and said, her voice leaving no room for 
argument, "Me and my agents are coming in to observe.  Where 
can we scrub up?"   
	"The bullet perforated Agent Skinner's small intestine, 
Dr Scully.  The surgery went well.  He should be fine."  His tone 
was curt, and she knew she would feel the same towards 
someone who forced their way into her theatre.  She didn't bother 
to correct him about Skinner's status in the Bureau.   
	"Thank you.  And thank you for alowing us to observe,"  
she added, helping him to preserve some dignity among his staff.   
	He gave a wry grin, nodded, "Thank //you//."   
	She left, discarded her scrubs, and followed Skinner to  
his room.  Fuller and Caleca did the same.  She shut the door on 
them pointedly and sat down at his side.   
	Her cell phone rang.   
	"Scully," she said, opening the flip.   
	The voice which greeted her had a thick hybrid 
European-American accent, and sounded very young.  "Agent 
Scully?  The lady at the FBI said you were looking after my dad."   
	Scully sat bolt upright.  "//Susannah?//" she asked.   
	The teenaged girl sounded strangely pleased at Scully's 
recognition.  "Yes," she said.  "How is he?"  
	"He has a perforated small intestine," she said 
automatically.  Then, recognising the silence on  the other end as 
bewilderment, she translated in a gentler voice, "It means he's 
going to feel absolutely rotten for a while, but he'll be fine.  I was 
just in the OR - the operating room with him, and all his vital   
signs were good.  They got the bullet out without any problems.  
There were lots of things that could have gone wrong, but they 
didn't for your father."   
	There was relief in that young, high voice.  "Thank God. 
How did it happen?"   
	Scully thought a moment, mentally editing out the 
cryptic thing Skinner had told her as he went into surgery.  
"Some creep at a restaurant was hassling a waitress. Your father 
stood up for her, and the creep didn't like it much.  It was a 
random thing," she lied.  
	"Have you got him?" the girl demanded breathlessly.   
	"We're working on it," Scully half-fibbed.   
	There was a slight rustling, and Scully was certain 
Susannah was nodding on the other end.  "I see.  You know, this 
is typical of Dad."
	"What do you mean?"   
	"Well, you know, standing up for some little waitress.  
Good guy, my Dad."   
	Scully said in a strange voice, "Yes, he is."   
	"I don't know him well.  My mother-" some bitterness 
there "-sent me off to boarding school when I was seven years 
old.  I've seen him twice a year since then eighteen times in 
	"Is that where you're calling from now?" Scully asked, 
not sure how to respond to this.   
	"Holy Trinity College, Zurich, Switzerland.  Silly really 
- I'm the family's only practising Catholic, but my mom went 
here, and she didn't like having me around much.  It's not easy to 
get into Congress when you're picking up after a kid.  Dad 
would've liked me closer, but he didn't get much say.  And now 
I'm not allowed back to the States at all."   
	"Whyever not?" Scully asked, unable to help herself.   
	There was a slight pause in which she wondered if she'd  
gone too far, but then Susannah replied,  "Well, you see, I'm -
well, I'm kinda into other girls.  Mom doesn't want me around.  I 
might cost her the family-values vote.  And if Dad brings me 
home she'll pull the plug on access.  He's already tried."  Walter's 
daughter suddenly sounded very forlorn, and Scully's heart 
twisted with pain for them both, and great fury towards Sharon 
	"I'm sorry, Susannah," she said softly.  "When you're of  
age, maybe-"   
	Susannah laughed bitterly.  "Yeah, when I'm of age.   
Listen, Miss Scully-"   
	"Dana," Scully interrupted.   
	"Dana.  I've said too much, it must be the shock of all  
this.  You didn't need all that.  Will you tell my father I'm 
praying for him?"   
	Scully nodded, then, remembering this child-woman  
couldn't see her, said, "Of course. Susannah-" she broke off.   
	"Listen, you call me, now or later, if you need anything.   
Reverse the charges if you need to."   
	Susannah's voice was suspicious.  "Do you and my Dad  
have something going?"   
	Scully's jaw dropped, but she recovered well.  "That's a  
discussion you ought to have with your father, Susannah."   
	There was a laugh on the other end.  "Maybe I will,  
Dana.  It's about time."   
	Scully was puzzled.  "About time for the discussion, or  
about time he was seeing someone?"   
	Susannah just laughed, and rang off, leaving Scully to  
	The next two days were blur of activity as Scully raced  
to find the man who had shot Walter - and, she discovered, had 
killed her sister.  In any case, Skinner was still in a haze of semi-
delirium.  Discussing anything personal was futile, even if she 
had had the time.  Luis Cardinal proved an elusive target until he 
made a further attempt on Skinner's life.  Shaking with terror for 
Walter, she had screamed at him, "Are you Luis Cardinal?"  
//Damn you, bastard, you took my sister and now you try to kill 
my love...eat this!//  She had been seconds from shooting him 
when the police arrived.  An excursion to North Dakota with 
Mulder and a brief inprisonment by the military had further 
delayed any real consideration of what she'd learned.   
	But finally, after Kim Cooke had pulled some strings to  
remove them from the military compound where they had been 
detained, they flew home somewhat the worse for wear.  Mulder 
dropped her back at the Bureau, where she collected the Mini.  
She made a beeline for Walter's house.   
	"You need a shower," he complained, crinkling his nose 
when she arrived.   
	It was hardly a lover-like greeting, but it was not 
undeserved.  She moved past him.  "They didn't offer me one at 
the prison.  Thanks for helping Kim to get us out, by the way," 
she replied airily.  "May I?"   
	He nodded, pointing to the bathroom, and limped back 
to the lounge, closing the door behind him.  Scully emerged ten 
minutes later, swamped by his bathrobe.  "That's better," she said 
to no-one in particular.  She sat down heavily next to Walter, and 
favoured him with a gentle kiss.  "How are you feeling?"   
	He shrugged.  "I'd feel better if you'd stop getting 
yourselves under military arrest.  I only have so many contacts."  
He smiled at her nonetheless.  "I'm okay.  I'll limp for a while, 
and I feel very stiff.  But I'm fine."  He pointed to the half-eaten 
pizza on the table.  "Have some.  It's vegetarian."   
	"You knew I was coming?" she accused with good 
	He held up a hand.  "Guilty as charged."   
	They ate quietly for a while, him leaning, unusually, on 
her.  Finally, he spoke.  "What are you thinking, Dana?  There's 
something on your mind."   
	Scully nodded slowly.  "I spoke to Susannah at some 
length just after you were shot.  She sent her love and said she 
was praying for you."   
	Skinner nodded.  "She's very religious, my Susannah.  
That doesn't surprise me."  He paused.  "What else did she say?"   
	Scully's brow furrowed.  "I want you to understand, 
Walter, I didn't go prying.  She was very upset and she spoke at 
random for a while.  She told me some things that made some 
other things make sense."   
	Skinner shook his head.  "I don't have any secrets from 
you, Dana.  At least none I object to you finding out.  Tell me."  
He took her hands in his.  
	"Well," she began, "the things we were talking about the 
morning you were shot - about you wanting another child - they 
started to make sense.  I knew Susannah was in boarding school, 
but I didn't know she'd been there since she was seven years old - 
or that Sharon had her put there so she could revive her political 
career.  I knew you weren't happy with the distance between you 
and Susannah but I didn't realise her distance was first and 
foremost Sharon's doing."  She frowned.  "I also didn't realise 
you'd tried to bring her home and Sharon had threatened to 
refuse access privileges."   
	He gave a low sigh.  "Susannah told you a lot."   
	She nodded, went on hesitantly, "She also told me that 
she's a lesbian and her mother didn't want her home because she 
might lose her votes."   
	Skinner nodded.  "She's lesbian or bisexual - remember, 
she hasn't had enough exposure to boys at a girls boarding 
school to have formed any feelings about boys one way or the 
other.  But she's definitely one of the two.  It's not just boarding 
school conditions at work.  This is different."  He paused.   "I 
always knew Sharon was not a good mother.  She didn't relate 
well to Susannah and she didn't want the bother."  He added in a 
low voice, "Susannah wasn't planned.  You must never tell her 
this, but Sharon tried to abort her.  It didn't work.  I didn't know 
until she haemorraged at home.  If it hadn't been for the baby I'd 
have divorced her then.  I was furious."  Scully made a small 
compassionate sound and touched his arm.  "But I loved that 
child.  And Sharon seemed to become resigned to having her.  
She didn't try it again.  And after Susannah was born Sharon 
seemed to adjust, more or less.  She wasn't a good mother, but 
she wasn't really a bad one either.  She did her best.  Things 
went on quite well.  She got periodic invitations to return to 
politics, but until Susannah was three she refused.  Finally she 
returned on a part-time basis.  She led me to believe she was 
there out of interest only - that she had no serious political  
aspirations.  It wasn't the aspirations I had objections to, it was 
their possible effect on Susannah."  He leaned forward, winced, 
and took his drink.  He downed the rest of his wine in one gulp.  
He leaned forward to replace it on the table, but Scully deftly 
took it and put it there for him.  He gave her a grateful smile.   
	He continued.  "When she was seven, Sharon wanted to 
send her to boarding school.  I have to say I wasn't in favour, but 
Sharon bulldozed me into it.  After all, she was the main 
caregiver - who was I to argue anyway?  You have to understand, 
Dana, I still loved Sharon, and I was proud of the way she'd 
turned things around and done her best for Susannah.  You don't 
want to believe that the woman you love   
doesn't want, or doesn't love the child you made together.  So I 
told myself that Sharon recognised she wasn't a good mother, and 
wanted to send her to the nuns who had raised her, because she 
believed they would do a better job.  And I wondered whether 
maybe she was right, too.  And when she ran for  Congress the 
same year Susannah left, I told myself that it was because she 
needed something else to fill the void.  Part of me knew that you 
don't walk straight into Congress preselection, that she must have 
planned it, but I still didn't want to believe."   
	Scully nodded slowly, stroking his hand with hers.  "I 
can understand that."   
	Skinner's tone became bitter.  "Things went on.  I got 
more and more withdrawn from Sharon -  partly for what she'd 
done and partly just because that was who, and where I was.  
Understand, I still loved her, but things were falling apart."   
	"And then Susannah came out."   
	He gave a wry grin.  "Actually, she was outed.  Her 
dorm mistress caught her and a senior girl together.  We were 
told formally, but Susannah contacted us first to warn us.  That 
was when we learned of her preferences.  I went to Switzerland 
to talk to her, to understand her take on things, and to smooth   
things over at the school so she could stay if she wished.  Sharon 
wasn't interested so long as Susannah stayed in Zurich, away 
from her voters.  As it happened, the school was happy to keep 
her.  She's a good student, and she had done the rounds of the 
school executive laying on guilt trips about the Catholic ethos   
of human dignity and forgiveness."   
	Scully laughed outright at that.  "Sharon would've been 
	He smiled broadly then.  "Profoundly relieved is closer 
to the truth."  His smile faded.  "That was when I really had to 
accept Sharon just didn't care about Susannah anymore, if she 
ever had.  I mean, what does a normal parent do when their child 
comes out?  They care and support - either that or they throw  
them out, if they're homophobic.  But either way, there's a 
significant reaction, a reaction that comes from loving your child.  
Even the ones who throw their kids out have usually loved them 
in some strange way and just been unable to handle the situation.  
But when I left for Zurich, I told Sharon I'd take care of 
Susannah.  She said, 'I don't care what you do as long as you 
keep her away from my voters.  You can send her to another 
school if they expel her.'  This about her own daughter, who had 
just had the humiliating experience of being sprung having sex, 
whose lover had just been sent away from the school.  She wasn't   
concerned or even angry.  She just - didn't care."  
	Scully was bewildered and profoundly angry.  "I just - 
can't understand it, Walter.  I can't understand it at all."   
	He shook his head.  "Me neither, Dana.  It was the 
death knell for our marriage.  I didn't want anything to do with 
her.  She was the one who left me, but in a sense I left her first."  
He gave a confused look.  "I don't know, Dana.  Maybe she really 
doesn't know any better.  She didn't have the most nurturing   
upbringing herself.  And this happened in an age where men were 
not expected to do very much about raising their children beyond 
playing baseball with the boys. But I can't understand it, and I 
can't forgive it."   
	She took his hands.  "And - this wanting another child?  
Is it to do with Susannah?"   
	Walter shrugged.  "In a sense.  I want to try again.  I 
want to have a child who is really mine, who I can love and raise.  
I want a child who won't be driven away."   
	Dana touched his arm.  "But...you haven't give up on 
	At this Walter's jaw became very firm.  "No.  Susannah I 
will always love, and I hope she'll return to Washington when 
she's of age.  But Susannah raised herself."   
	She nodded slowly.  "I see."   
	He frowned.  "This doesn't change things, Dana.  
There's no hurry.  I don't want you to have a child you aren't 
ready for.  It would be Sharon all over again."   
	Scully shook her head.  "Even if it wasn't planned, even 
if I wasn't ready, it wouldn't be Sharon again, Walter.  What she 
did to Susannah - to you - was wrong.  And I promise you, if and 
when it   happens for us, no matter what the circumstances, ready 
or not, I will not give either of you anything less than my love 
and commitment.  And if and when we share a home, Susannah 
will always be welcome there."   
	Deeply moved, he leaned forward, wincing slightly.  He 
kissed her tenderly.  "Thank you, Dana."  He cradled her cheek in 
his palm, and she leant into it, her breath catching in her throat.  
"I love you."   
	Scully reached for him, her hands on his neck, and drew 
him to her.  She took his face between her hands and his 
forehead, his eyes, his cheek; then moved down to his neck.  
With tiny butterfly-kisses she worked her way up to his ear, 
gently sucking the lobe, and darting her tongue behind it.  She 
ran the tip of her tongue delicately over the folds of his ear; he 
moaned softly, his breath on her neck assaulting her senses.  She 
kissed him under his jaw, nuzzled his throat a moment, then 
moved up to kiss his lips.   Barely touching them, she spoke, her 
lips moving temptingly beneath his.  "I love you too, Walter.  
When you were shot-"   
	"Don't," he interrupted.  He closed his lips around hers.     
	She lowered him very carefully into the lounge, 
supporting his back in a bid to protect him from  pain.  She ran a 
hand over the bandage she could feel through his shirt.  "I don't 
want to hurt you."   
	He smiled faintly.  "It'll be all right if we're gentle."   
	She beamed at him for that.  Carefully, she unbuttoned 
his shirt and opened it.  He started to pull his arms out, but she 
gently held them down.  "No, Walter," she said, "no unnecessary 
	Much amused, he lay back and let her unbuckle his belt 
and fly, and gingerly pull his trousers and briefs off his body.  
"Stripping's so much more fun when we're both mobile," he 
	She smirked, trying unsuccessfully to hide her good 
humour.  "Shut up or I'll handcuff you," she threatened.   
	He stuck up a hand.  "Yes please!"   
	For that, he got a laughing kiss that obscured her from 
view as she slid his bathrobe off her shoulders.  Straightening 
up, she knelt naked before him.   
	"So," she teased, "do you ever think about us together - 
like this, I mean - at the office?"   
	His mouth twitched.  "I try not to.  But I do get the odd 
flash of a fantasy, yes."   
	"Such as?" she asked, running her fingertips over his 
shoulders and arms, then back up, and over his chest and 
stomach in little circles.  
	He squirmed with delight.  "Well...there's my desk...and 
the board table...and that patriotic option, making love on the 
American flag..."   
	"The American flag, huh?" she repeated, nonchalantly 
moving her attention to his sides.  She considered.  "I like it."   
	"And then there's the discovery option, where Kim 
walks in on us...and the orgy option, where she joins us."  He 
struggled to refrain from moving...she'd just touched his most 
sensitive spot, sending shivery tingles radiating across his body.   
	That earned hysterical laughter from Scully.  "Kim? Oh, 
Lord, no...now Mulder, or maybe Agent Caleca..."   
	"Agent Fuller...Agent Colton!" Skinner countered.  
Scully put her hand over her mouth as though to be sick, but 
collapsed laughing against him instead, catching her weight on 
her arms at the last second to protect him.  She gazed into his 
eyes, suddenly quiet, and kissed him, just once, but with great 
	She leaned down and nuzzled the little dip at the base 
of his neck with kisses, then licked it and breathed on it, sending 
cold shivers down his spine, compensated by warmth in his 
groin.  She kissed his shoulder, then nuzzled his underarm, 
licking delicately at the cleft between arm and torso.  He gave a 
low, keening moan.  With agonising slowness, she blazed a trail 
of fiery kisses to his nipples, first one, then the other, kissing 
and flicking and nipping them in turn.  His hands drifted lazily 
over her back, through her hair, then down her arms, teasing and 
tickling with their gentle grazes over her skin.  His hands slid   
between the two of them to cup her breasts, pressing them and 
rotating her nipples with quiet pleasure.  She gasped, jerked 
away automatically with the surprise of sudden arousal, then 
moved forwards to meet him again.  Her hair, damp and lush, fell 
to tease and tickle his stomach as she moved lower, towards that   
tight ache in his groin, sending spirals of pleasure to meet her 
	She smiled up at him, and then, with tantalising 
slowness, she took him into her mouth.  Just a taste, a little 
teasing lick, then a single, sweeping suck that engulfed him was 
all she allowed either of them; and then she rose back up to kiss 
him, sitting squarely behind his cock, throbbing against her own   
sex, glistening with need.   
	He put his hands around her waist, running them down 
her spine and over her buttocks to cup them in a single sweeping 
stroke.  She arched her back, flinging back her head with a 
ragged sigh.  He brought his hands up to her neck, ran them 
down her body, over her breasts, brushing her nipples, down   
her sides and over her hips.  He plunged them into the thatch of 
damp red curls searchingly.  One hand found her clitoris and 
gently depressed and rotated it with the soft pads of his fingers; 
the other slid two fingers into her slick opening, searching for 
//that spot// just behind her pubic bone that made her yelp.   
	She yelped, her breath coming in heaving gasps and 
ragged sighs.  Shivering all over, she jerked back and forth on his 
fingers, teasing his cock with slick wet hair and flesh against it.  
She gave a long, low moan and shook as she came.   
	He kept his fingers inside her as the shivers wound 
down.  With a long, shuddering sigh she came to herself again, 
took his hands in hers, gently removed them from her warmth, 
and brought them to her mouth to kiss and suck them clean.  She 
leaned down to kiss him, sharing her taste from herself to him.  
He lapped at her lips eagerly, his kiss long and lingering.   
	Sitting up, she was still on top of him, straddling him, 
his cock between her legs just in front of her.  She ground 
against him teasingly, smiling broadly.  He had to laugh softly.  
The sound echoed in her ears like soft bells tinkling.  She rose 
slightly and started to move back.   
	He grabbed her wrist.  "Dana."   
	She stopped and looked at him.  "What is it, Walter?" 
she breathed softly.   
	A great conflict seemed to go on within him, and then 
he said, "In the plastic bag in the top of the box."   
	Looking puzzled, she rose and went to one of the many 
unpacked boxes that lay on the floor.  There was a plastic bag on 
it which proclaimed, "Prestons Road Pharmacy/Prestons Plaza".  
Digging through, she saw a prescription painkiller, some gauze 
and bandage supplies (she wondered with amusement whether he 
would have grounds to ask her to play Doctors and Nurses before 
the night was out), a boxed tube of toothpaste, and some 
	He was offering her the choice.   
	But for her now, there was no choice.  Not since she 
had spoken to that abandoned teenager on her cell phone.   
	Resolutely, she walked back to the lounge and knelt 
over him once more.   
	"Where-" he asked.   
	She shook her head with a little Mona Lisa smile.   
	"We don't need those, Walter."   
	He smiled.   
	Scully leaned forward and touched her mouth to his, 
her breath hot on him.  He took her lips between his, his teeth 
grazing her searching tongue.  Her body was over his, her weight 
carefully off his wounded stomach.   
	Fortunately, this meant she was sitting firmly against 
his cock.   
	He gave an aroused growl, his arms dragging her against 
him, her nipples scraping across his chest.  She lifted her body, 
then took him into herself in one movement.  Rather than 
thrusting, though, she simply ground herself against him, rotating 
her hips rhythmically.  She leaned forward to kiss him once 
more, his warmth within her, her core alive with sensation.  She 
felt a fine tingling that began inside her and spread across her 
stomach, her hips, down her legs.  She felt simultaneously that 
she just //could not// take so much sensation, and conversely that 
if he took it away she would ache for it forever.  She shook  
lightly, gripping him involuntarily, and rode him harder, deeper, 
her movements increasingly jerky.  She plundered his mouth, 
vaguely felt him thrusting back, saw him wince, but realised even 
his pain was being channelled into their lovemaking.  "Walter," 
she gasped between kisses, "I want you."  She ground her warmth 
against him, feeling his length inside her.  And then something 
let go, and the tingling was spreading and dissipating through her 
body.  She came with a sob of release.   
	His thrusts slowed, became deeper, and then he filled 
her.  "You got me," he breathed distantly as he fell back on his 
back.  "Always."   
	They stayed that way a long moment, enjoying as 
always those minutes where he was one with her, not for the 
gratification of sex, but solely for the expression of love, of 
union.  There was something particularly tender, she thought, 
about the softness of a man still inside a woman when his cock 
went down.  She kissed him gently, then pulled away, afraid of 
hurting him.  She sat down on the floor at his side, her head 
resting on the pillow next to his. 
	Fingers entwined, they fell asleep.   
Someone I Trusted V: Sharon's Reprise, in which Skinner is torn    
between his past and his future    
Someone I Trusted VI: Interlude, in which Susannah Skinner    
holidays with Scully and Skinner    
Someone I Trusted VII: Terma's Shadow, in which Scully    
answers Skinner's jealousy with a commitment    
Someone I Trusted VIII: Memento Mori, in which Scully and    
Skinner discover she cannot have children    
Someone I Trusted IX: Susannah, in which Susannah comforts    
her father and Scully    
Someone I Trusted X: Ground Zero, in which Skinner deals for    
Scully's life - and fertility    
Someone I Trusted XI: Monkey Babies, in which Scully turns to    
"Mulder" for solace    
Someone I Trusted XII: Redux, in which Scully turns on Skinner    
Someone I Trusted XIII: Redux Schmedux, in which Scully    
seeks Skinner's forgiveness    
Someone I Trusted XIV: Pendrell's Legacy, in which Mulder    
offers a solution    
Offspring (novel)    
On The Outside (long story, Offspring prequel)    
The Field Where My Love Died (vignette)    
The Field Where My Love Prevailed (vignette)    
Borderline (unfinished long story)    
Lyrics of the Heart (unfinished long story)    
Smokin' Maggie (unfinished long story, not yet available)    
Evolutions (unfinished novel, not yet available, Offspring