Pentagon 911 *R*

Deslea R. Judd
Copyright 2001

January 2002: I am currently deciding whether or not to continue this story. At this stage I think it most likely I will convert it into something which is not September 11 related. I very much wanted to write this while there was still a chance of finding survivors - my own version of "I want to believe", I suppose - but I feel less comfortable with writing it that way now that that is no longer the case. I like the work I did in Part 1 and one way or another I will continue it, but possibly not in this form.

WARNING: This work of fiction deals with the tragedy of September 11, 2001. It contains graphic depictions of the destruction of property, personal injury, and survival. It is written with the greatest respect and love to those involved in this terrible tragedy, but it may not be appropriate reading for those still suffering the personal impact of that tragedy. It certainly is not appropriate reading for children and adolescents. It is tribute fic, and I believe it is ultimately a hopeful one, but it is not easy reading. Please exercise personal discretion in making the decision of whether or not to read. If at any time during the reading of this story you feel the exacerbation of your own personal shock-trauma, I urge you to back out of the story and return later (or not).

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