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Troubling Thoughts
Deslea R. Judd
Copyright 2011

Fandom: Haven
Character/Pairing: Audrey/Julia
Rating: PG.
Spoilers/Timeframe: Anything to 1x13 is fair game.
Summary: Audrey is troubled. Julia is Troubled. Slash
Disclaimer: Characters not mine. Interpretation mine.
Feedback: deslea at deslea dot com.
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Valentine's Day officially sucks.

That, at least, is the stated opinion of Julia Carr, who
expounds at length about commercialism and heterocentricity,
among other sins. Scratching the surface, Audrey learns that
Julia has been dumped not once, but twice on Valentine's Day, and
she bites back protests that it's a bit of harmless fun.

They have the guesthouse to themselves, and somehow, they wind
up in bed. Audrey isn't sure how it happened and she doesn't care
too much. She cares more about the way Julia suddenly affects
her. She could swear she's in love, and she's never thought of
Julia that way before. Not in that straight-denial kind of way
Audrey's always swung in both directions but in a way that
makes her think she's been drugged. Except she doesn't know of
any drug that simulates deep, desperate, passionate love. But
there is a part of her that knows, just knows, that those
feelings aren't really hers.

She watches her lover dress and endures the heart-rending
spasms of adoration that rush through her, even as one corner of
her mind asks if Julia could be Troubled.

Julia bends down to give her one last kiss, and as sudden,
shocking ecstasy builds, her doubts fall away.

For a while.