FILK: I Am Mulder
Deslea R. Judd
Copyright 2001

Disclaimer: Situations not mine. Song not mine. Bad humour mine.
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Rating: G for generally silly
Category: Humour, filk
Spoilers: None really

Filk: I Am Mulder
(To the tune of I Am Woman)

I am Mulder, I'm a jerk
I chase aliens for my work
And I know too much that they want me to hide
Oh, Scully's heard it all before
And she's booked me for Broadmoor
There's a padded cell just waiting there for me

Oh, yes, I'm a Fed
And I babysit Mulder
Yes, I keep him sane
But look at my shoulder
It's lopsided, from carrying him about
I am strong (strong)
A sainthood candidate
I am Scully

I am Scully, I'm naive
I take Mulder seriously
And I look gorgeous while doing autopsies
Yes, I use logic like a sword
But I can't track this renegade
When he decides to go it on his own

Oh, Scully is my pal
But she thinks I'm off my tree
Yes, she lies for me
But then, she also shot me
If I have to, I'll ditch her easily
I am dumb (dumb)
Strategy kamikaze
I am Mulder

I am Skinner, hear me snore
I have heard it all before
And my hair keeps getting thinner every day
'Cause Mulder is delusional
And Scully's reports are full of bull
And they associate with vampires every day

Mulder and Scully:
Oh, yes, we are spies
For John Q Public and the Truth
Yes we've paid the price
But look how much we've gained
Sev'n year contracts, fame internationally
We are stars (stars)
Legends in our time
We're The X Files...