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This is an archived version of the X Files: Violent Crimes Unit virtual series website. The series is no longer active, but old episodes remain available using the links on the right.


3 December: We have two new XFVCU-fics in Creatives - a witty fill-in-the-blanks for Midnight In The Firing Line by David Stoddard-Hunt, and a missing scene from Prism.

5 November: 1x07, Prism, is available today. In a collaborative effort by Deslea, CindyET, Emily M, Eodrakken, Lara Means and Maidenjedi, a killer with a penchant for games issues a challenge to the entire team, and presents a crisis for one of their number. See it here. We also have a small outtake from Skyland in Creatives.

While I have you reading, I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who's written notes of support while we do this. It's been a crazy busy time, so I haven't replied to everyone yet, but I will, and I want you to know how much of a morale boost it's been. I've been forwarding a lot of excerpts to the writers and it's really helped us keep motivated. Thanks so much. -- Deslea

What Is X Files: VCU?

X Files: VCU (Violent Crimes Unit) is a new virtual series that picks up the story eighteen months after The Truth. A lot has happened - the planned colonisation has been exposed, the alien race appears to have withdrawn, and the entire period of the X Files history from 1990-2003 has been exposed as the surface layer of a deep cover operation to fight the conspiracy. The citizenry are reeling from the news, and hybrids and test subjects are objects of fear, curiosity, and legislative debate. Paranormal cases are on the rise while the conspiracy unravels.

Now, the team are left to pick up the pieces. Their work has legitimacy, but it also has the spotlight. They're still players in a game, but whose game is no longer clear.

Cast Of Characters

Fox Mulder: The believer. Stumbled onto the X Files with then-wife Diana Fowley, and was recruited into the cover operation. His marriage was destroyed, but he found new love with Dana Scully. They were forced to surrender their son into witness protection for a time. Now reunited with Scully and William, he works from home as a consultant profiler to the in-house X Files team.

Dana Scully: The scientist. One of two up-and-coming agents pinpointed by the Consortium for recruitment. Fowley informed Mulder, and they recruited her to work for them instead. Like Mulder, she now works from home as a consultant forensic scientist.

John Doggett: The sceptic. Recruited late to the project, at the suggestion of Agent Reyes, to protect Scully while she was expecting her child. Even now, John takes far less of his work on faith than most of his colleagues, but he and partner Reyes make a solid investigative team.

Monica Reyes: The seer. Recruited by Kersh early in the operation for her knowledge of cults and assigned to penetrate the religions that had sprung up around alien ideologies. Has a special interest in communities of experimentation survivors generally.

Alex Krycek: The pragmatist. The second Consortium protegee recruited onto the team, he went into deep cover within the sprawling branches of the conspiracy around the world. His dark path has estranged him from both the team and the public, who have branded him the FBI's killer agent, but his fears for his coming child compel him to emerge from witness protection and return to the team.

Diana Fowley: The diplomat. Like her newly-assigned partner Krycek, Fowley put in years in the Consortium, and years more in witness protection. A born diplomat, she finds her place helping the team navigate their rocky past and present, and she's rediscovering her love for investigation in the process.

Jeffrey Spender: The advocate. Jeffrey was recruited at Krycek's suggestion when Krycek learned the Smoking Man had a son who despised him within the FBI. He paid dearly for his disloyalty, and has been publicly branded a traitor who exchanged state secrets for healing. He has felt the sting of the prejudice of the citizenry, and he is passionate about the rights of experimentation survivors.

Brad Follmer: The politician. Recruited by necessity after coming to Washington office. He traded his testimony against the alien cult for his freedom, and now, he's back with only a demotion - much to the chagrin of the team. He often comes to blows with partner Spender over the rights of hybrid victims and suspects.

Walter Skinner: The mediator. Along with Kersh, he was the recipient of information from Marita, the original whistleblower. His career ground to a halt as a result. Now, he leads the team on their rocky path, guiding their relationship with the bureau, the press, and the public - not to mention their uneasy relationship with national and international government.

Alvin Kersh: The lawman. After thirteen years of leading the team, he'd hoped his role was at an end, but now he finds himself embroiled in the politics of their work. He lays down the law for the team and their detractors with equal passion, and views himself as a check and balance on the excesses of both.

Marita Krycek: The ambassador. Recently appointed to the United Nations committee for the care and protection of experimentation survivors, she represents the pressures of the international community on the team, and vice versa. She's supposed to be neutral, but she is passionate about their work, motivated by her fears for herself, her husband, and their unborn child.

Shannon McMahon and Knowle Rohrer: The veterans. Shannon, Marita's original informant, turned against the government when she became privy to plans to experiment on veterans in the leadup to the first Gulf War. Now, she represents Veterans' Affairs in the push for rights for experimentation survivors. But her connection with the inexplicably-returned Knowle raises serious questions about her loyalties.

Well-Manicured Man: The wildcard. A traitor to the conspiracy, he faked his death and went into hiding in the stately homes of the English peerage. Why is he back? Enigmatic as ever, he believes the alien race has not given up on their plans. But is that true? And if so, whose side is he on?










1x01 Midnight In The Firing Line by Deslea R. Judd

1x02 Exposition by Maidenjedi

1x03 Salve Mea by Humbuggie

1x04 Catacomb by Deslea R. Judd

1x05 Beneath The Surface by Lara Means

1x06 Skyland by Eodrakken Quicksilver

1x07 Prism by the XFVCU team

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