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Stories By Date (2002)

2002 was a good year for me on the writing front - I broke a lot of new ground. My favourites for this year are A Woman's Code and Concessions Made/Concessions Broken. A Woman's Code was particularly good fun because I got to play with an unreliable narrator with a wilfully distorted view on her world. I was pretty busy for part of this year with end-of-series projects, and that meant that my work was mostly short and intermittent, but I grew a lot, as well. I can see the foundations of the growth spurt I had in early 2003.

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The Anointed
X Files Patient X missing scene. Krycek/Marita.

Krycek wants to rest. Marita wants to make all the hurt go away. PG.

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No artwork for this one yet.

Strange Bedfellows
X Files The Red And The Black post-ep. WMM POV.

War makes for strange bedfellows. Allusions to Krycek/Marita and WMM/Bonita. PG.

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Strange Bedfellows cover art by Deslea - Nick Lea as Alex Krycek, John Neville as the Well Manicured Man.

Can't Outrun The Dark Man
X Files Amor Fati post-ep. Diana. Krycek POV.

How can she sleep? Who knows? Maybe she just knows you can't outrun the dark man. References to Krycek/Marita and Mulder/Diana.

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Can't Outrun The Dark Man cover art by Deslea - Nick Lea as Alex Krycek, Mimi Rogers as Diana Fowley.

Signs Of Life
X Files Krycek/Diana Friendship. One Son post-ep.

Allies in war share a companionable moment along the way. References to Krycek/Marita and Mulder/Diana. 2002 Spooky winner (third place, Outstanding Mulder/Other Romance).

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No artwork

The Reckoning
X Files Concessions Backstory - Cassandra POV

Why did Cassandra make the choice she did? Why did she let it go on? The answer is darker than the question. This isn't exactly an integrated part of Concessions - think of it more as a Cassandra backstory.

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The Reckoning cover art by Deslea.  Veronica Cartwright as Cassandra Spender, Chris Owens as Jeffrey Spender, Megan Leitch as Samantha Spender.

Little Girl Nevermore
X Files Obscure Woman Harem Challenge Fic

Eve Seven repeats a cycle that came before her. Written for the Obscure Supporting Woman challenge at the Harem.

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Little Girl Nevermore

About The Maimed
X Files 500 Word Harem Challenge Fic

In this The Truth missing scene, Jeffrey meets an old acquaintance. Two maimed people and the memory of a third. Allusions to Krycek/Marita. 2002 Spooky winner (first place, Marita Characterisation).

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About The Maimed

Something About The Way You Look Tonight
X Files Harem Challenge Humour

Marita comes home. Alex and his alien buddies have been drinking. Why is the Bounty Hunter worried about cooties? And what is the stiletto doing in the sponge cake?

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No artwork

Concessions Broken
X Files Jeffrey/Samantha, Cassandra. Pre-XF Short Story.

Sequel to Concessions Made. It's 1987, and Jeffrey and Samantha face up to their past - and to a future in doubt. Spoilers to Closure (blink-and-miss-it one for The Truth). R for adult themes, including incest between consenting adult siblings. Second place, X-Infinitum June 2002. 2002 Spooky Awards honourable mention (Other Series Character Romance).

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Concessions Broken cover art by Deslea.  Chris Owens as Jeffrey Spender, Megan Leitch as Samantha Spender.

Concessions Made
X Files Jeffrey/Samantha, Cassandra. Pre-XF Short Story.

"In times of war, concessions must be made." When Samantha comes home from her latest abduction, grief, loss, and need throw the Spender household into turmoil. Spoilers to Closure. R for adult themes, including incest between consenting adult siblings. 2002 Spooky Awards honourable mention (Outstanding Pre-XF Story) and finalist (Outstanding Use Of Mytharc).

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Concessions Made cover art by Deslea.  Chris Owens as Jeffrey Spender, Megan Leitch as Samantha Spender.

X Files Doggett/Reyes Vignette

"This was a game they had played for a long time. To see just how intimate they could be and still pretend that they weren't. One day, she thought, John would have to accept that just-friends didn't hold hands walking down the street. Just-friends didn't watch TV with their heads in one another's laps." Existence missing scene dealing with Reyes' decision to transfer to the X Files. IOHO recommended. PG. 2002 Spooky Awards honourable mention (Reyes Characterisation) and finalist (Non-NC17 DRR).

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Johnny cover art by Deslea.  Robert Patrick as John Doggett, Annabeth Gish as Monica Reyes

Take Thy Only Hand In Mine
X Files Krycek/Marita Poetry

Love and life in ten stanzas. Patient X to Requiem. This was an experiment with traditional poetic forms, and is presented with artwork, so allow a moment for the image to load. 2002 Spooky Awards winner (first place, Outstanding Poem) and honourable mention (Outstanding Krycek/Marita Romance).

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Take Thy Only Hand In Mine art by Deslea.  Nicholas Lea as Alex Krycek, Laurie Holden as Marita Covarrubias.

Not My Lover: Enigma
X Files Krycek/Marita NC17 Romance Novel
Work In Progress - Stalled/Caveat Emptor

Prequel to Not My Lover. The death of Marita's protector and a shocking revelation about the Project leads her to the brink of darkness in her search for the truth. But can she let in the one man who would stand at her side? 2001 Spooky finalist (Parts 1-4), 2002 Spooky winner (first place, Krycek/Marita Romance) honourable mention (Marita characterisation) and finalist.

|Part 1|Part 2|Part 3|Part 4|Part 5|
Not My Lover: Enigma cover.  Nicholas Lea as Alex Krycek, Laurie Holden as Marita Krycek, Mimi Rogers as Diana Fowley, Megan Leitch as Samantha Mulder.

Trace A Random Star
X Files Krycek/Marita Mood Piece

A stolen moment in the eye of the storm. The timeframe for this is non-specific but is probably post-Requiem. Serves as a companion piece to (but independent from) Dream A Crystal Moon. R. 2002 Spooky honourable mention (Krycek/Marita romance) and finalist (Marita Characterisation).

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Trace A Random Star cover art by Deslea.  Nicholas Lea as Alex Krycek, Laurie Holden as Marita Covarrubias.

A Woman's Code
X Files Sixth Extinction missing scene

Every woman has her own opinion about what's best for her son...and Teena Mulder's includes his wife. Inspired by a discussion at the harem about the relationship between Mulder's two closest women: his wife and his mother. Enigmatic Doctor and The Grove recommended. PG. 2002 Spooky Awards winner (third place, Other Series Character Characterisation [Teena], third place, Mulder/Other Romance) and finalist (Short/Vignette).

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A Woman's Code cover art by Deslea.  Rebecca Toolan as Teena Mulder, Mimi Rogers as Diana Fowley, David Duchovny as Fox Mulder.

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Recent Site Updates

17 November 2013: In The Limits Of Perception, the world is seen through the eyes and stolen thoughts of young Tom Riddle, while in Real, the complicated marriage and friendship between Rodolphus and Bellatrix is explored.

4 November 2013: In Not Loveless and Dark Knight, Bella's return from Azkaban in the Biophilia universe are explored, while in The Edge of Reality, Tom is intrigued when Bella sees through his manipulations - and doesn't seem to mind.

8 September 2013: In Biophilia and Chameleon, Voldemort's complex and flawed relationships with his mother, his Horcruxes, and Bella are explored, while in One's Station In Life, Bella's father asks the Dark Lord to get her under control, and plays unwittingly into their hands.

6 July 2013: In Proxy, Lucius does the unthinkable to spare his wife, while Bellatrix and the Dark Lord are caught in a web of lies, manipulation, and their own twisted brand of love in The Kings and Queens of May, Into The Donacon, and Damnable.

27 February 2013: In Mark of Cain, Narcissa Malfoy learns a secret about her husband that turns the tables on their lifeless marriage, and in Garden of Memories, she and Lucius defend each other and their marriage from the Dark Lord, risking everything they've worked to save.

20 December 2012: In Witch Break A Vow, Astoria Greengrass learns that sometimes there are no good choices, only ones that contain the damage.

23 October 2012: In Silver Starlight and Golden Wine, Narcissa's wedding night is a journey of trust. It's a standalone moment in the Blue Vial universe, but it can be read on its own. Meanwhile, in Folie A Deux (Madness of the Two), Voldemort and Bellatrix lead each other deeper into madness.

14 October 2012: In Under Your Skin, a small piece of unashamed Hallowe'en fluff, seventeen-year-old Tonks flirts shamelessly with her Potions Professor. Snape gives as good as he gets. Also added Want You To Want Me, a standalone Sons of July missing scene, in which Tonks seduces a willing Lucius for her own ends - but both get more than they bargained for.

22 September 2012: In Of Vials Blue and Shades of Grey, Narcissa knows there is another woman, but learning who and why makes for hard choices to bring them all through. Narcissa POV on The Blue Vial. Also, in Spoken For, we meet the Pureblood children of Hogwarts whose marriages have already been arranged when they arrive.

8 September 2012: In The Blue Vial, Lucius offers Tonks a choice between an easy death and the means to endure the torture he has been instructed to inflict on her. The resulting revilement/sympathy between them will be both their comfort and their imprisonment for the rest of their lives. Also posting a major update to The Substitute (half as long again) and minor edits to Two Of A Kind: Yule Interlude.

12 June 2012: In The Substitute, Lucius and Tonks enter a marriage of convenience to facilitate Narcissa and Draco's escape, and facilitate her infiltration of the Death Eaters. It soon becomes a folie a deux - for them, and for Snape as well. Tonks is torn between who she is and who she pretends to be.

8 May 2012: In Sons of July, the arranged marriage and deep friendship between Lucius and Narcissa sets the scene for the Dark Lord's last stand. They and their private loves, spies Nymphadora and Severus, all have secrets, and sacrifices will be needed along the way. Meanwhile, in Awake, Narcissa draws on her every reserve to help her imprisoned husband hang on to his mind.

7 April 2012: In Kill To Be Kind, an AU battle scene set at Malfoy Manor, Lucius and Tonks debate the relative merits of loving and killing one another. Also, I've revived an old story, Between Worlds, which I took down at one time in response to fandom developments that no longer appear to be at issue. In this crackpot Chamber of Secrets missing scene, Moaning Myrtle meets a ghost who isn't quite dead yet. Non-explicit underage fumblings and humour ensue.

4 January 2012: In Two Of A Kind: A Yuletide Interlude, Andromeda comes to terms with her flight from her family of origin, against the backdrop of Nymphadora's and Lucius' growing attachment. Meanwhile, in Fair Fight, a humour SSHG piece, Snape is a reluctant war hero, and the witches come a-courting. To his bemusement, Hermione is one of them.

8 December 2011: In Part 4 of Two Of A Kind, Tonks allows herself to see who Remus really was, while the final chapter sees both Lucius and Tonks make their peace with their lost loves and face their future together.

15 October 2011: Part 3 of Two Of A Kind sees Harry Potter's Lucius torn between the wife he lost and the woman he loves now.

2 October 2011: A site overhaul, a new Harry Potter theme, and special pages for some of the other collections (especially TSCC, which is on the backburner but not forgotten).

1 October 2011: I've restored my translations page, and added a Chinese translation of I Enjoy You with thanks to Joanne. :)

26 September 2011: In the postwar ficlet I Enjoy You, Hermione uses a willing Snape to make Ron jealous, only to find she's happy right where she is. Meanwhile, Two of a Kind Part 1 and Part 2, an AU postwar novella, sees Lucius and Tonks widowed and finding their way through grief together. (Work in progress).

28 August 2011: In Vigil, Hermione takes a moment by a lonely grave, to reflect on the schoolgirl crush who became her hero.

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